The Rundbrief Project

"Wer das nicht selbst erlebt hat, kann nicht ganz ermessen, was es bedeutet man ist ein anderer Mensch geworden, Tore und Welten sind hinter uns zugeschlagen man wird nie wieder der alte Mensch werden." "Those who have not experienced it themselves cannot fully appreciate what it means you become a new person, gates and worlds are slammed shut behind you you will never become your old self again."

Eva Hintze, Neudietendorf, Januar 1947

Eva Hintze, Neudietendorf, January 1947

In the mid-1930s, a group of young women in Germany, upon graduating from college and setting out on their various paths, began a "Rundbrief" a "chain letter" in the form of a booklet that each woman would write in and then send on to the next person in the chain.  They continued this circular letter-writing for over sixty years, through World War II, and through the Cold War in both East and West Germany, documenting their collective lives and experiences.  Although many of the women have since died, a number of them now in their eighties are still in correspondence.

The entire collection of Rundbrief documents, from 1937 until 2002, has now arrived in Vancouver, Canada, where a group of descendants of the Rundbrief women, with help from friends and family, are in the process of transcribing, editing and annotating the documents, translating them into English, and preparing them for publication in both English and the original German.

Project Team

Eitel Timm
Karen Alexandre
Jamie Alexandre
Eric Alexandre
Peter Doetsch
Charlotte Embacher


If you have any questions, suggestions, or information related to this project, please contact Jamie Alexandre.


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