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Philip Thatcher teaches high school history, English, and drama at the Vancouver Waldorf School.  He is the author of Being Human, To Live is to Choose, and Consecrating, and has published articles, stories, and poems in various journals and literary magazines. Two of his stories have been broadcast on CBC radio. Raven's Eye is the first in a trilogy of quest stories.
The First Book in The Raven Trilogy

The story of Nathan Solomon Jacob journeys from the west coast of British Columbia to the coasts of Wales and Ireland, and from the battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876 into the closing decade of the 20th century. Born in 1969, in the village of Duxsowlas ("Where the river sees through"), Nathan is in search of his true name, Gwawinastoo-Raven's Eye, yet he is also engaged in another quest: that of piercing through the riddle of the light and darkness of our modern consciousness.

"The intertwining of First Nation myths with legends from the Celtic tradition offers a provocative and thoughtful exploration of cross-cultural similarities. When played through what is, in fact, a new imagining of the Parzival story, Raven's Eye reverberates with meaning and seeks to unite us in our common humanity."
 Bill Dow; Actor, director, writer; Artistic Associate, The Vancouver Playhouse

"When one has the courage to work with shadow, light is released to the world. A powerful story!"
Wedlidi Speck; Spiritual leader, healer, storyteller, artist from the Kwakwaka'wakw Nation

"Imbued with poetry, insight, wisdom, and a poignant beauty all its own, Raven's Eye weaves a deeply personal yet universal story of all our inner seekings ..."
Rita Costanzi; Harp soloist

 "There is a Beckettian quality to the waiting-and unfolding of the story. Native memory is intertwined with Celtic mythology around the night fire where the telling of the stories and importance of naming is redolent with Greek and Celtic saga. A rich and multi-layered contemporary epic, and an absorbing read."
Ray McGrath; Lecturer in Heritage Studies, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland.

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