A Cow at My Table

A Feature Documentary About Farm Animals, Meat & the Agribusiness Vs. Animal Rights Battle for the Consumer Mind

              by Jennifer Abbott


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"...an extraordinarily compelling, powerful and visually stunning documentary."
—Vancouver International Film Festival

"...idiosyncratic and refreshingly unpredictable... may become one of the most persuasive videos of the coming decade."
— Animal People

"... a brilliant documentary."
Toronto Star

"You should watch and love Abbott’s film ... This work has a sense of vision, reason and direction that make Abbott an admirable documentarian."
— Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival

"...an important film!"
— J. Hunter Todd, Chairman & Founding Director, WorldFest Houston

"[a] startling, even-handed and extremely accomplished documentary."
— Jim Sinclair, Pacific Cinematheque

"Gently pits animal activists against the meat industry in a probing reflection on flesh foods...  Like all the best documentaries, this film offers more questions than answers."
— Cameron Baily, NOW Magazine, Toronto

"Stylistically inventive and able to find a visual beauty within this ugly subject, A Cow at My Table uncovers balance and truth in a very complex subject with numerous sides."
— Alex MacKenzie, Blinding Light!! Cinema

"...at once a rigorous exploration of the meat industry and a visually elegant and stylistically compelling work of art."
— Heather Frise, Director, Bones of the Forest

"...expertly reported."
Willimette Week

"...a compelling and highly acclaimed documentary ... presenting a powerful and thorough inquiry into the institution of meat."
Animals’ Agenda


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